Gazebo Options and Upgrades

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Customize Your Gazebo To Suite Your Own Tastes!

Turned Spindle Rail Turned Spindle 2x3 Square Spindle
Standard 2x2 Turned Spindle 2x3 Turned Spindle 2x2 Square Spindle
    Optional Turned Post
Standard Brace Queen Anne Brace
Standard Scalloped Brace Queen Anne Brace
    Turned Post
Oval Wooden Floor Octagonal Wooden Floor
Floor of an Oval Gazebo Floor of a 10’ Octagon Gazebo
Octagonal Double Roof Oval Double Roof Red Cedar Roof
Double Roof Structure of the
Octagon Gazebo
Double Roof Structure of the
Oval Gazebos
Red Cedar Roof Structure of the
Vinyl Gazebos